Amended April 12, 2003
1. Dues for the calendar year beginning 2001 shall be as follows: $20.00 for an individual regular (voting) membership; $25 for a joint regular (voting) membership, $18 for a joint associate membership; $12 for a single associate membership; $20 for a household with 1 regular (voting) membership and 1 associate membership and $5 for a junior membership .
2. The CBCC Board of Directors may postpone a motion which requires vote on a membership applicant for longer than the present month in order to allow a more proper length of time for clarification or other necessary action.
3. No applicant with outstanding debts to the CBCC shall be considered for membership (nor any member renewed) until those debts are paid. A list of said debts shall be kept with the Treasurer's files.
4. When dues notices go out to the membership, members will be advised that they may use this opportunity to contribute to the Beardie Rescue Program, or to programs for the benifit of Bearded Collies as approved by the Board.
5. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to maintain an up-to-date list of all CBCC Standing rules and to supply that list to each Officer and Board Member once a year.
6. Each nominee for office must be an eligible Regular (voting) Member or must have fulfilled the requirements for regular (voting) membership for at least the preceding club year.
7. The CBCC provides two categories of membership; Regular (voting) and Associate (non-voting).

Associate Membership is defined as any new member or any member who accumulates less than 4 points during the fiscal year as defined by the Point Schedule below. Associate members may attend meetings and club functions and are encouraged to participate in club activities as much as possible. Associate members will receive newsletters via U.S. Mail or e-mail and any other information sent out by the Club to the membership except ballots. Associate members are not eligible to vote at general membership meetings or on matters resolved by ballot via U.S. Mail. As such, Associate members will not be counted against the 20% minimum membership attendance at meetings required for a quorum by the CBCC By-laws. An associate member can notify the Club Secretary in writing of his or her intention to change membership status to Regular (voting) any time during the fiscal year when the member has accumulated 4 points as defined by the Point Schedule below. The notice to the Secretary must include documentation of the accumulation of 4 points. Along with such notice, the member applying for Regular (voting) membership must submit a check made payable to the CBCC for the difference between Regular (voting) and Associate (non-voting) Membership dues.

Regular (voting) Membership shall have all the benefits of Associate Membership and be defined as a member who actively takes part in club activities, who is eligible to vote at general membership meetings and on issues resolved by ballots sent and received by the CBCC via the U.S. Postal Service. Regular (voting) Membership shall be available to a member who accumulates 4 points based on the following point schedule during the previous fiscal year, January through December 31.

Point Schedule:
4 Points -- Officers, Show Chair, Newsletter Editor, Rescue Chair, Newsletter Production

2 Points -- Committee Chair, Webmaster, Hosting Events, Planning Events (Specialty Dinner, Herding Event, Fun Match, etc.) and other Special Events as approved by the Board.

1 Point -- Board Member, Attendance at a General Membership or Board Meeting, Serving on a Committee, Helping with a Rescue Situation.

Points accumulated in excess of 4 during any fiscal year cannot be carried into any successive fiscal year.

8. If a MOTION is made from the General Membership at a regularly scheduled meeting to expend $200 or more, the MOTION should be made as a PROPOSED MOTION and tabled to the next regularly scheduled general membership meeting (excluding regular expenses; such as but not limited to, trophies, insurance, etc.) This is to ensure that all club members are notified, kept informed and can have input.
9. It will be the Treasurer's responsibility to send out dues renewal reminders in whatever method is deemed appropriate (postcard, letter, newsletter item, etc.), if dues are not received from members by December 15th of each year.
10. Reimbursement for expenses of CBCC Regional Specialty Sweepstakes and Regular Class Judges are limited to two (2) nights lodging, lunch and banquet dinner the day of the show and airfare/ground transportation arranged by/approved by the club. (This does not address any fees charged by any Regular Judges.) All upcoming CBCC Regional Specialty Judges should receive a gift, at the Show Committee's discretion, not-to-exceed $50.00.
11. Each Officer and Board of Director Member must maintain his or her Regular (voting) Status while in office effective with the Annual Membership Meeting in January 2000.
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